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Zanussi History


Zanussi is a leading brand for domestic kitchen and cleaning appliances. Exported from Italy since 1946, Zanussi is widely recognized for the quality of its innovative products and distinctive modern design.


The Zanussi Company began as the small workshop of Antonio Zanussi in 1916. The enterprising 26-year-old son of a blacksmith in Pordenone in Northeastern Italy began the business by making home stoves and wood-burning ovens.


For Zanussi, innovation has remained the cornerstone of success. A single glance at the bold design of Zanussi products and the advanced technology and user-friendly performance of the whole range proves as much. “Excellence in Design and Innovation” sums up the Zanussi positioning across international markets.


There’s a new Zanussi kitchenware range that promises more than one unique selling point. It marks the first time products of this kind have been designed and manufactured in a joint effort between Global Design and Global Brand Licensing.


Brand identity:

•A fun and even daring partner engaged to emerging lifestyles – offering user friendly performance and a sense of feeling ahead.


Brand promise:

•For confident people who value a stylish environment, Zanussi delivers innovative solutions in a distinctive and leading design.


Brand values:

•Modern (Stylish)
•Trend setting
•Vibrant (Dynamic)
•Youthful appeal